A night in London with Elite London Escorts

Hello and welcome back to the Sirens London WordPress blog, by now you should hopefully be well aware of who we are and what we do. In this post we’ll providing you with a few recommendations of our favourite bars and restaurants that you can visit with high class London escorts, whether you’re looking for an sophisticate restaurant, funky cocktail bar or elegant wine bar, London has so much to offer. Our escorts knowledge on this topic is highly credible and are more than capable of giving you a tour of London unlike any you’ve ever experienced before. Although we understand it is is nice to turn and say, “hey, I know a little place” and impress with you’re knowledge and taste of location.

When you meet up with you’re companion for the first time, its a slightly tense moment. You need to take the time to really get to know each other over a romantic dinner. When dining with our elite London escorts, you’ll want to make an impression by selecting Michelin star cuisine and it just so happens that latest 2014 Michelin guide has been released. The stand out performer, although not typically unexpected is the show-stopping “Dinner” by Heston Blumenthal who continues to impress with his combination of stunning food and science, where Michelin star cuisine and magical presentation meet to create an unprecedented dining experience.

Although we can’t guarantee it, its pretty safe to say that despite the cost, an evening at Dinner, will be thoroughly enjoyable and well worth it. You should have also got to know you’re elite London escorts quite well and now to further that relationship by having a few drinks in one of London’s many bars. A cocktail bar would be a good suggestion to lighten the mood and add a friendly tone on the evening. One venue that fits this bill perfectly is the New York style speakeasy, Purl. Due to its superb selection of excellent cocktails, all mixed in house, this bar promises to have a drink for everyone and in turn has become very popular. So booking in advance is advised although not completely necessary, based on you’re time of visit.

At this stage of the evening all of those original nerves will have disappeared and you should be about ready to retire with to a London hotel with our exclusive London escorts. This greatly depends on the amount of money you would like to spend. If you would like recommendations of hotels to visit then visit our site or contact us directly and our helpful staff will be glad to provide you with any details you wish know.


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